Dear friends,

I was born in December 1956.

As a child I attended the elementary school here in Pfalzen. Then I attended the middle school at the Agostinians’ Abbey in Neustift near Brixen.

After that I started working at the hotel of my parents. I liked the work at the hotel and so I became innkeeper.

Beyond the work I’ve always liked sports, games of skill and the “Television”.  As kid and also later as adult I always followed all great television programs. I never asked to participate to a TV quiz, because I wouldn’t have known the answers (I didn’t attend any high school).

When 1991 there arrived on RAI 1 “Scommettiamo che …?”, with my two friends Ludwig and Klaus I immediately asked to have the possibility to participate with the paper boat. We could participate and the bet was successful. The spectators voted us and so we also won the episode.

Then I also could participate to other bets like the music band in a minibus, 100 people on a double bed, 30 musicians on a motorbike and so on.

After these appearances the autors Michele Guardì, Tonino Quinti and Stefano Torrisi with Fabrizio Frizzi asked me: Gerhard, would you like to stay with us? Of course I didn’t think twice. And so I arrived at the cast of “Scommettiamo”.

To close I send you many greetings and listen to my song called: “La canzone del ciusto”.


I’m Gerhard from Pfalzen in the Pustertal Valley in South Tyrol. It gives me great pleasure to have you as visitor to my homepage! Thanks

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